Articles of Organization

Article I.          Purpose:

Taking it to the Street is an religious organization whose members are professing Christians.  We exist to provide spiritual assistance and meet the physical needs of the homeless, elderly, substance abusers and those others who seek assistance and guidance.  Our goal is to witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through actions and to serve the “least of these”.


Article II.        Organization:

The non-profit organization will consist of volunteers who knowingly agree to assist the organization with a clear understanding of no compensation for work performed.  The organization will consist of a Director with Associate Pastors and Chaplains.  The Director shall have the authority to make decisions regarding assistance to individuals but will also voluntarily seek the guidance from Associates as necessary.


Article III.       Financial Plan:

The organization will accept monetary donations as well as supplies used in aiding individuals as outlined in the purpose section of this document.  One hundred percent of donations received shall be used in the care of those to whom the organization wishes to assist. At which time the organization were to dissolve all remaining assets will be dispensed to other 501 (c) 3 organizations with the same objectives as Taking it to the Street organization has.